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Bull Creek Studio, Inc.  is located deep in the heart of Texas, on the edge of the Texas Hill Country near the Llano Uplift, between the Colorado and San Gabriel Rivers.  In fact, the ranch house is located directly on the path of the old Chisholm Trail, where cowboys in the 1880s drove cattle north to the railroad.

About the Artist

JW Spencer makes every piece of jewelry completely by hand in the studio. He has always been passionate about the arts.  He graduated with a Bachelors in Arts from Southwest Texas State University, with graduate studies at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin.  His goal is to create jewelry that is not only beautiful and easy to wear but is of high quality and craftsmanship.


Every piece is unique and inspired by nature, family, and faith. His handcrafted jewelry is intended for everyday wear that is alluring, inspiring and symbolizes the joy and love of life. His artwork is as diverse as his outlook on life, unique and provocative. Every piece is made of sterling silver.  Jw’s favorite techniques involve hammering metal to add shape, depth and texture.   He also experiments with gold for special pieces that have sentimental value to clients.   JW likes to use the discreet application of heat to the surface of metal, making each piece come to life and take an existence of it’s own.