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Bull Creek Studio, Inc.  is located deep in the heart of Texas, on the edge of the Texas Hill Country near the Llano Uplift, between the Colorado and San Gabriel Rivers.  In fact, the ranch house is located directly on the path of the old Chisholm Trail, where cowboys in the 1880s drove cattle north to the railroad.

About the Artist

I’m JW Spencer and I have always been passionate about art.    I love Music (Tuba, Violin, Guitar, Keybaord, Banjo), Photography, Film, Writing, Painting, Pyrography, Sculpture and cooking,  I graduated with a BA from Southwest Texas State University, with graduate studies at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin.  My goal is to create art that is not only beautiful but is of high quality and craftsmanship.  I believe in the art of Creativity, which originates from the creator of everything.


Every piece that I create is intended to be unique and inspired by nature, family, and faith.  I believe that we attract what we feed in our life.  My mission is to find beauty where none is thought to exist, to encourage others to think about virtue, and to speak up for life.  I would rather inspire positive change, to hink good thoughts about good things.  Simply put, I want to talk about things that I love – not about the things that I hate.  

That’s the mission of my corporation – to celebrate the beauty of life and living with purpose.   Even when we make mistakes – we should recognize that our goal is not to be perfect, but to be better.  To choose what is right.  To live in the Light.

I hope you will join me and the regiment of Angels who stand with me. Let’s be a force for good.   #TeamEpic