Antec 900 200mm Fan Replacement Guide

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Diagram of the Antec 900 Case

Remove the Top of the Antec 900 Case Power down, turn off and detach power to all components attached to the case (I.E. PSU, and such) Proceed to take side panels off (Only the main side is needed but case is easier to handle on the bench) Proceed to unscrew 2 screws (Marked in Yellow in photo) located inside on the … Read More

Office 2013 vs. Office 2010 on Windows 8.1 Pro

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Windows 8.1 Pro looks and acts completely different than Windows 7, Vista, and XP. If you’re shopping for the right Office version to match your new computer, you might consider giving Office 2013 a try if you don’t already own Office 2010. If you own Office 2010, you can skip the upgrade to Office 2013 if your primary use is going to … Read More

Microsoft releases source code for PC-DOS (aka MS-DOS) to public

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Mountain View, Ca—March 25, 2014— The Computer History Museum (CHM) announced today that it has, with permission from Microsoft Corporation, made available original source code for two historic programs: MS-DOS, the 1982 “Disk Operating System” for IBM-compatible personal computers, and Word for Windows, the 1990 Windows-based version of their word processor. If Microsoft had done this 32 years ago, … Read More

How To Login and RSYNC to a Remote Host with SSH without password prompt

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Step 1 – Setup public SSH keys On the local server, generate the public SSH keys with no password: ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -q -P “” cat ~/.ssh/ This is the public SSH key that can be placed on other hosts to provide no-password required access: ssh-rsa AAA…[*] root@boomclickclick Copy this key to your clipboard and login to the remote (destination) … Read More

Mac OSX and MS Exchange

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I’ve got multiple email accounts on my domains, as well as gmail accounts, as well as an icloud account and a work account that uses a cloud based exchange server.   In this mix, I have multiple machines – Windows, Linux and OSX all running and accessing the same accounts in real time.    The Beast (my windows box) runs … Read More

Debian Wheezy as Mavericks Time Machine Server

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There are two Mac OSX boxes in my household.   I used a different mount point for each OSX Mavericks computer on separate RAID 1 volumes, though I could have used LVM mount points to allow the backup to “grow” nicely. Installing Packages The newer releases of OS X requires Netatalk 2.2.x+.    Mac OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” works great … Read More